Business Education: Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Business Education: Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The Ultimate Course to Land A Job in Blockchain. Learn Cryptography, Crypto Valuation, ICOs, Bitcoin Mechanism and More!
What you’ll learn
  • Start or advance your career in Blockchain
  • Pass interviews for Blockchain-related roles
  • Learn the solid business and commercial acumen
  • Take your career to the next level
  • Tell the story of how Blockchain technology and Bitcoin first appeared
  • Explain the mechanics of an Initial Coin Offering
  • Understand how Blockchain technology works
  • Understand how pricing is determined for Cryptocurrencies
  • Understand why projects raise public funds with Cryptocurrencies
  • Understand the mechanics behind the world’s largest Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin
  • Get a crash course in Cryptography – a key element of Cryptocurrencies
  • Learn the difference between public and private Blockchains and their applications
  • After this course, you will have the skills to start a successful career in Blockchain related roles whether it is in financial services, supply chain or other relevant sectors
  • Basic understanding of Blockchain. Suggested prerequisite course.
  • Dinnertime Conversation on Blockchain and Bitcoin.


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