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Course Link- Cognitive App Development with IBM Watson

ChatBot, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Visual Recognition, Tone Analyzer, Personality Insights, Language Translator, NLU/C

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What Will You Learn?
  • Cognitive Computing and how Watson changes the game
  • On completion of this course you would be able to develop and deploy your applications over IBM Cloud- Bluemix. and having command over the Watson services and tools available.
  • Using Watson Visual Recognition to tag and classify visual content using machine learning
  • Capabilities of the Watson API and how to choose the best features for your task
  • Using Watson Assistant to build an AI assistant(ChatBot)
  • Using Watson Watson Discovery to unlock hidden values to find answers , monitor trends and surface patterns
  • Using Watson Natural Language Understanding for advanced text analysis
  • Using Watson Knowledge Studio to discover meaningful insights in unstructured text.
  • Using Watson Speech to Text to easily convert audio and voice into written text
  • Using Watson Text to Speech to convert text into natural-surrounding audio
  • Using Watson Language Translator to translate from one language to another
  • Using Watson Natural Language Classifier to interpret and classify natural language with confidence
  • Using Watson Personality Insights to predict personality characteristics through text
  • Using Watson Tone Analyzer to understand emotions and communications style in text
Course Requirements
  • Nothing required at all! but if you have a background in computer science or development, it would be beneficial, but not required at all.
Course Description By Instructors-

In this course, You will learn and practice all the services of IBM Watson which is being offered by IBM Bluemix. There will be both theoretical and practical section of each IBM Watson services. This course is for those who love machine learning and wanted to build an application based on cognitive computing, AI and ML.

You could integrate these services in your Web, Android, IoT, Desktop Applications like Face Detection, ChatBot, Voice Detection, Text to custom Speech (with pitch, emotions, etc), Speech to text, Sentimental Analysis on Social media or any textual data.

Watson Services like-

  1. Watson Assistant  -> Build and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants. 
  2. Watson Discovery  -> Uncover connections in data by combining automated ingestion with advanced AI functions. 
  3. Watson Speech to Text  (STT) ->Easily convert audio and voice into written text. 
  4. Watson Text to Speech (TTS)  ->Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices.
  5. Watson Language Translator  ->Dynamically translate news, patents or conversational documents. 
  6. Watson Natural Language Classifier  ->Interpret and classify natural language with confidence. 
  7. Watson Natural Language Understanding -> Analyze text to extract metadata from content such as concepts, entities and sentiment.
  8. Watson Visual Recognition  ->Tag, classify and search visual content using machine learning. 
  9. Watson Tone Analyzer  ->Analyze emotions and tones in written content.
  10. Watson Personality Insights -> Predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text. 

and many more.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is curious to experiment with Artificial Intelligence and develop applications or simply interested in exploring IBM Watson and its powerful services available on IBM Cloud.
  • If you want to learn fundamentals of chat bot development like Intent, Entities, Dialog, etc and Build a powerful Chatbot application with IBM Watson!

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