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Create Animations from Photos: Learn After Effects Hands-on

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Create Animations from Photos: Learn After Effects Hands-on

Learn After Effects hands-on by creating a Christmas Themed Animation from Photos. Become an After Effects Animator!


  • Basic Photoshop and After Effects experience needed. Excellent for beginners.


Have you been wanting to learn After Effects since forever, but never gotten to do it.

The software looks intimidating, all the courses you’ve found are too theoretical, you watch unrelated tutorials all the time, the course are too long and you get bored. I’ve been on the same place and this is why I’ve created this course to teach you After Effects in a practical and fun way.

In this course you will learn After Effects by creating a modern Christmas Themed Animation in less than 2 hours.

Better than that, I have created more than a 100 of this type of animations for TV commercial openings. You will be learning in a practical way hands-on and also building a valuable skill you can later sell to your clients.

My goal is to share my knowledge with you, so you can become a successful animator.

You will learn how to cut-out objects in Photoshop, Animating in After Effects, Techniques by a real professional with more than 10 years in the field, you will add Effects, install useful plugins, Learn how to Export for TV and Social Media and much more.

You will learn all the techniques hands-on by creating a Chrismas themed animation.

The format will be a bit different than most other courses. Instead of jumping between unrelated concepts in every video and showing examples that have nothing to do with one another, we will learn entirely through practice.

In the final assessment you will have to create you own animation, by taking photos at home and repeating what you’ve learned in the course.

The course is perfect for beginners.

I’m waiting for you inside!

Who this course is for:

  • Animators, Photographers, Designers, Filmmakers of every level

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