DRUPAL TUTORIAL: Drupal 8 Beginner to Advanced and Build 8 Drupal PROJECTS

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Course Link: DRUPAL TUTORIAL: Drupal 8 Beginner to Advanced in 8 PROJECTS

Learn the LATEST Drupal 8 Tutorial HANDS-ON with COMPLETE real-life examples. BONUS assignments, tips, tricks, and pitfalls!

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What Will You Learn?
  • Build powerful websites and applications using Drupal – FROM SCRATCH & WITHOUT PROGRAMMING
  • Build EIGHT (8!!) fully functional DRUPAL PROJECTS from Scratch – from Beginner level to ADVANCED LEVEL
  • Kickstart your Entrepreneurial goals by building SCALABLE, SECURE web applications at LIGHTNING SPEED with Drupal
  • Build your consulting career with Drupal – the most powerful Open Source CMS in the world
  • Learn Transferrable Technical Skills – User Management, Content Management, Theming, Taxonomy, Content Types and hundreds of other core concepts
  • You will learn Rapid Application Development with Drupal – in this course.
  • Learn to leverage THOUSANDS of free Drupal Modules (16,000+) are available in the community to help you quickly add specific features to your website.
  • Learn to use Drupal IN-DEPTH like an EXPERT- massively scalable, 100% free, rock-solid security, dependability and constant security patches and updates.
  • Build 8 fully functional DRUPAL PROJECTS from Scratch – from Beginner level to ADVANCED LEVEL
  • Design and build CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS using Drupal – while understanding the core principles behind.
Requirements to take this Course:
  • NO Special Requirements! If you do not have access to a testing Drupal installation – you will be taught to install Drupal on your own Windows laptop!
  • Intermediate level computer proficiency is required – understanding the basics of installing software, browsers – and similar tasks
Course Description:

This course is the FIRST, ONLY, and most comprehensive Drupal course that brings the THREE ASPECTS TOGETHER – 1) Drupal 2) Content Management Principles AND 3) hands-on exercises. NO OTHER book, tutorial or course offers these unique set, anywhere on the internet.

By the end of this course – you will be incredibly comfortable with Drupal 8 – and you will be able to use Drupal like a BOSS. You will be able to design, create and run world-class Drupal sites – with complex requirements of RBAC, content flow, workflows and leverage a huge existing library of Drupal modules!!!

Do you want to Master the World’s Most Popular Content Management Framework? Learn Drupal 8.x in this Comprehensive Course.

  • Learn the LATEST version – Drupal 8.x – – and stay miles AHEAD of the curve
  • BONUS: extra assignments, tips, tricks and pitfalls in all sections
  • Start from the very basics – this course makes no assumptions
  • Earn promotions with your new skills – Become indispensable in your institution
  • BONUS – Project File downloads – PRACTICE EXACTLY what is shown in each and every lecture
  • By the end of the course – you will be able to provide incredible Drupal-based solutions.
  • YEARS of experience has be condensed into this course – with generous tips, tricks, best practices, pitfalls – in each and every concept lesson.

Learn Drupal 8.x to create INCREDIBLY POWERFUL software web solutions.

  • Learn to Use every aspect of Drupal – Content Management, User Management, User Experience, Extending Drupal with modules, Configurations, Application Structuring and admin Reports.
  • Identify REAL LIFE problems and solutions – web application development, rapid prototyping, content management.
  • Save Hundreds of hours and Thousands of dollars – by using open source resources OPTIMALLY, identifying, preventing and mitigating RISKS
  • Learn to Resolve the #1 PROBLEM that Entrepreneurs face by using Drupal – Budgets, Time and Resources De-mystify the 100s of features in Drupal – Content, Structure, Appearance, Extending, Configuration, People, Reports etc.

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. step-by-step HD video tutorial starting from the absolute basics – all the way to advanced level topics.
  2. Video lectures, extensive resources, downloadable exercise project files, PDFs etc
  3. COMPLETE EXERCISES – everyone has different scenarios, objective and overview files explained.
  4. EVEN MORE: exercise files have design notes and step-by-step instructions – which allows you to REPLICATE EXACTLY what is shown in the lecture.
  5. EVERY concept is LOADED with tips, tricks, pitfalls from years of hands-on experience
  6. Practice Assignments in exercises, quizzes to self-test your knowledge
Who is the target audience?
  • ANYONE who wants to learn DRUPAL
  • IT Professionals who want to build a quick and powerful Web Application
  • ENTREPRENEURS who want to rapidly prototype functional web applications
  • DEVELOPERS who want to learn how Drupal works
  • MANAGERS who want to customer-oriented web application
  • TECHNICAL ARCHITECTS who want to build powerful solutions
  • PROFESSIONALS from all domains who want to learn a powerful Swiss-army web tool
  • MEDIA PROFESSIONALS who want to learn Content Management Solutions
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT professionals who want to learn DRUPAL
  • QA, Testing and Quality Professionals who want to understand Drupal Workflows
  • UI, UX, Graphical professionals who want to understand Drupal Functionality
  • NOT FOR DRUPAL CODERS – Drupal Coding is NOT TAUGHT in this course – it will be taught in a different course of mine
  • NOT FOR DRUPAL THEMERS – Drupal Theme Building is NOT TAUGHT in this course – it will be taught in a different course of mine
  • NOT FOR DRUPAL ADMINISTRATORS – Drupal Administration will be taught in a different course of mine

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