Excel VBA for Modelling using Numerical Methods

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Excel VBA for Modelling using Numerical Methods

Learning the application and theory of the numerical methods for modelling in Excel VBA for 3 hours with practical test
What you’ll learn
  • Fundamentals of VBA
  • Making a data table for single and multi variable functions
  • Numerical integration with Trapezoid and Simpson’s rule
  • Numerical derivation of a point using limit definition of derivation and finite difference method
  • Optimization techniques to find minimum and maximum function using Sequential, Dichotomous and Golden Section Search
  • Newton-Raphson and bisection iteration methods to find the root of the function
  • To find a point solution of the first order differential equation using Euler’s method
  • Solution of the system of equations using the matrix approach
  • Application of Excel functions in VBA on the given data
  • Determinant, inverse and multiplication of matrice
  • To define the regression equation for the data and interpolation technique
  • How to use algorithmic approach to a combined problem


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