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Introduction with Amines (Organic Chemistry)

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Introduction with Amines (Organic Chemistry)

Chemistry with fun


Welcome to the world of Organic Chemistry. In this course series we’re gonna explore the world of amines.

In this Organic Chemistry lessons centric to Amines we are going to focus upon the basics and trying to be as much interactive as possible.

I believe you love the subject when you be with the subject and if you give some time and patience it will surly take off your learning spark.

From the use in fertilizers to Pharmacuticals amines are an important part of our everyday life. Learning the fundamentals of amine gives a variety of experience and knowledge that makes you suddenly aware from whats visible but you might overlooked it., but you cant do so if it comes in your knowledge even unintentionally it gets to you.

If you wanna start Organic Chemistry and wanna explore., This might be your best point to start with. In this course we will learn Properties, reactions, people and much much more about how and why the reaction happen the way they happen.

Moreover the course is centric to amines but this knowledge of understanding WHY’s & HOW’s ?? Of your Organic will be answered and its logic can be related for other advanced concepts of Organic Chemistry!

I hope by this course you will feel a good sense of Chemistry & that too with pure scratch level to a significant understanding. You will feel a little up after finishing this short course..

Hope you enjoy it..

Happy learning!!

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  • Beginners

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