Learn TOSCA TestSuite – Basic Level + Advanced Level : Become master in Automation Testing – without learning coding

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Course link- Learn TOSCA TestSuite – Basic Level (Coupon – TOSCA500)

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Course link- Learn TOSCA TestSuite – Advanced Level (Coupon- LEARNTOSCA)

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Become master in Automation Testing – without learning coding

What Will You Learn?
  • Crack All 6 certifications like AS1 / AS2 / AE1 / AE2 / TDS1 / TDS2
  • Master in core part of TOSCA TestSuite
  • TOSCA Tool in and out
  • Apply knowledge on other engines like SAP, HOST etc
  • Automation End to end test cases of your application.
  • Apply Automation Tester/Developer job in TOSCA & Crack interviews on TOSCA TestSuite

Requirements to take this course:

  • No Prerequsite, Since no programing knowledge is required to learn TOSCA TestSuite.
  • Experience with Software Testing is plus
  • Good Analyticial skills

Course Description By Instructor:

If you are looking to become automation tester/ automation developer, TOSCA TestSuite is a good option you have. Now a days many big IT Companies started using TOSCA TestSuite. As of now there are very less skilled resources on TOSCA TestSuite. So, If you find insecurity with you manual testing job or wanted to move your automation towards script-less way, Go ahead with TOSCA & grab the market opportunity.

In this course you will learn about TOSCA TestSuite step by step, Which is an automation tool, supports all major GUI and Non – GUI technologies. Moreover TOSCA TestSuite is a Script Less Automation tool.

In this series of video tutorials, you can learn TOSCA TestSuite, from very basic concepts of automation to advance level like continuous integration, reporting using TOSCA TestSuite.

***** Current version of TOSCA TestSuite is 11.1, & the course is updated considering it. **********

***** LifeTime Support on your questions, Answers within 24 hrs*****

The complete course is divided in to 2 level based on features and complexities within TOSCA TestSuite.

Beginner Level –  This Basic Level  Course covers basics of Automation Testing and all basic concepts of TOSCA TestSuite where you will be able to automate a very basic tests.

Advance Level – Prerequisite to this level is you must have understanding of beginner & Intermediate level course. Once you take this course you will be able to automate testcases where expert level concepts are required. Example – Continuous Integration, Integration With JIRA and many other.

Who is the target audience? 
•Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
•Freshers/Graudates who want to kick start their Carrier in IT World

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who want to be an automation engineer
  • Manual QA who wanted to switch to Automation profile
  • Software Developer who wanted to move to test automation.


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