Life Transformation Course

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Life Transformation Course

How to create your life vision and live it.

What you’ll learn

  • How to find your mission.
  • How to identify your authentic values.
  • How to craft an exciting vision.
  • How to set and achieve compelling goals.


  • Open minded and ready to learn.


  • Many people live their life by default.
  • They never fully articulate and create a blueprint for their life.
  • As a result they tend to drift and live in reaction.
  • They will see something they desire and they try and make it work from the outside-in.
  • The problem with this, is they are not living authentically from their core.
  • In the Ignite Life Transformation Course, you will learn how to create a a blueprint for your life.
  • The course will give you time tested and proven life skills to turn your vision in reality.
  • You will learn how to go from waking up without a purpose, to excited, focused and purposeful!
  • Session one is focused on simply your self-assessment. This is where you can survey the fruit of your life.
  • Session two focuses on the big picture and enables you to understand the various layers and forces that are at play.
  • Session three to five enables you to assess the root cause and see what you have bee hiding from.
  • ‘Human needs’ and ‘Escape survival mode’ enable you address the root causes.
  • The sessions on personality, vision and mission enable to uncover your ‘soul DNA’ and address your life purpose.
  • Life Mapping ensures you can ‘have your cake and eat it too.’ This will give your mind peace, you can achieve everything your desire.
  • TRG session allows you to set realistic goals based on your vision and shows you how to break them down.
  • The Big Rock session shows you how to implement and execute you top priorities on a weekly schedule.

Author(s): Fergus MacClure

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