SharePoint 2013 Complete Training: A complete A-Z SharePoint 2013 guide for office workers

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Are you looking to become more efficient working with a SharePoint site? Or, maybe you’re brand new to SharePoint. In either case, this course is for you.

Course Link- SharePoint 2013 Complete Training

A complete A-Z SharePoint 2013 guide for office workers

Requirements: A desire to become more productive, using SharePoint as a resource
What Will You Learn?
  • Build Effective SharePoint Sites
  • Maintain Common SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Customize SharePoint to Fit Your Teams Needs
  • Unlock the Full Power of SharePoint through SharePoint Workflows
  • Secure Your Important Documents and Records with SharePoint Permissions
  • Present Data Effectively by Creating Robust SharePoint Pages Using WebParts
  • Save Time by Placing Related Content in One Spot, SharePoint
  • Control Documents through SharePoint Document Libraries
  • Hit the Ground Running, becoming a SharePoint Pro
Who is the target audience?
  • This SharePoint 2013 course was created for those that are new to SharePoint, looking to become efficient working with a SharePoint site. As well as those already familar with SharePoint, but looking to unlock the full potential of all that SharePoint has to offer.
Course Description By Instructor-

Get Organized with SharePoint 2013

SharePoint allows you to build a central location for all relevant data. Imagine removing all the pain points that we all experience working with an unorganized shared drive, sending documents through email, following up on tasks, updating an Excel document that everyone else in the office needs to update at the same time. At times, work can become very inefficient!

Don’t Waste More Time, Join Me

As you participate in this course you will learn not only the basics of working with a SharePoint site, but unlock the full potential of SharePoint. Most people think of SharePoint as a place to store documents, but it is so much more than storage.

During this course you will learn to:

  • Build and Maintain an Effective SharePoint Site
  • Work with SharePoint Document Libraries
  • Customize SharePoint to Fit Your Team’s Needs
  • Automate Routine Office Tasks by Using SharePoint Workflows
  • Build Simple Interfaces to Facilitate Finding Data Quickly
  • and much, much more

Take learning SharePoint a step at a time. I’ve been teaching SharePoint since the 2003 version, to people just like you, wanting to learn how to become more productive in collaborating with others. Over the years SharePoint has progressed by leaps and bounds. Allow me to guide you through the becoming a SharePoint champion and guru. You will be amazed with all that you can do with SharePoint and eliminate many of your pains in office collaboration.

Enroll now and you’ll learn how SharePoint will become your new best friend and you’ll even thank me for it


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