The Art of Doing: Code 40 Challenging Python Programs Today!

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The Art of Doing: Code 40 Challenging Python Programs Today!

Computer Science Through Python Application
What you’ll learn
  • Fundamental concepts of computer science that are transferable across ALL programming languages.
  • Foundations of the Python language as well as how to import and work with 8 libraries such as random, matplotlib, and Tkinter.
  • How to actually write YOUR OWN programs. You will not sit back and watch. You will DO!
  • 40 “Challenge Problems” that include, a problem description, detailed guide, example output, and completed code.
  • Communicate secretively with a friend by encoding/decoding information based on per-determined bodies of text.
  • Simulate the Power Ball Lottery and see how adjusting the number of balls affects the likelihood of becoming a billionaire.
  • See the devastating effect of interest on student loans and graph the results.
  • Create a GUI interface that simulates the spread of infectious disease throughout a population.
  • A working computer with an internet connection and access to a web browser.
  • Python 3 installed (optional).
  • A desire to learn!



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